Executive search consultancy is a profession set entirely apart from others.
The objectivity, integrity and dedication of its practitioners are distinctive. The members of Group Mercator are committed to maintaining the highest standards in their consulting activities.

To this end, they are committed to serving and representing their clients and candidates in a professional fashion at all times during the search process.

Group Mercator members are committed, in the interests of the client and all others with whom they come into contact, to rejecting non-exclusive assignments and to proposing candidates only within the framework of a formal mandate.

The members of the Group are committed to:
  • The conduct of exhaustive research in order to identify qualified candidates;

  • Carrying out a comprehensive and detailed assessment of the candidates presented, comprising in-depth personal interviews, verification of professional qualifications and CV, personal motivation and adaptability to the culture of the client company;

  • Carrying out a detailed assessment of candidate strengths and weaknesses so as to provide a proper basis for an objective recommendation to the client;

  • Obtaining extensive professional and personal references before the client makes a final choice.

Any methodology not in conformity with the process described above cannot be impartial and is therefore not in the client's own interest, prejudicing independence of judgment and bringing a negative image to the profession.

The members of Group Mercator accept only those assignments for which they are qualified by their detailed knowledge of the client and the professional competence of the individual consultant. Assignments are undertaken on the basis of a comprehensive Proposal describing the agreed objectives, nature of the professional services to be rendered and the terms and conditions of business governing the assignment. The written Proposal must be approved and signed by the client. Fees arrangements are set out in full in the Proposal and are independent of the results of the assignment. An assignment may be cancelled at any time, in which case fees are calculated on a prorata temporis basis.

The members of Group Mercator remain at the disposition of the client company to advise and assist in the negotiation of candidate conditions of employment contracts such as fixed and variable remuneration, long term incentive plans and the like.

An assignment is concluded theoretically when the candidate accepts the client's formal offer of employment. Nevertheless, Group Mercator members remain available to both parties in the interests of establishing long-term relationships.

A formal organisation chart of the client organisation is defined at the outset of each assignment undertaken by Group Mercator members. The Group agrees not to approach any employee of the client company for a period of two years following the conclusion of the last assignment unless the two parties have agreed in writing to make an exception. Group members also agree to advise their clients of any areas of research likely to be affected by existing off-limits agreements and/or any other client relationships likely to influence the outcome of an assignment.

If a client company retains a member of Group Mercator to conduct an assignment for which it has mandated already another firm, the Group Mercator member will require that its own involvement on an exclusive basis be notified formally to another firm already retained.

The members of Group Mercator agree to treat all information regarding the client organisation and candidates in complete confidentiality. Information obtained in the course of an assignment will be divulged only with their prior approval.

The members of Group Mercator are bound to conduct all promotional activity, public relations and business development in such a manner as to avoid any form of direct or indirect representation which might be untrue, inaccurate or which might, in any form, be misleading.

The policy of Group Mercator members is to engage in free and open competition in the conduct of executive search recruitment services.

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